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Scratch Night

Mon 13 May 2024



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Scratch Night

A bunch of local theatre makers, comedians, dancers, musicians, actors and clowns are going to try some new things – and you’re invited to experience it.

Join us as we sample the delights of a smorgasbord of bold, fresh, new work in progress performances.  It’s the first crucial part of a journey for the acts and a left-field night like no other for the audience.

Our promise to you:

This’ll be…

Unpolished. Random. Uproarious. Vulnerable. Inspired. Awkward. New. Joyous.


On The Brink: Bye Bye Baby | 16+ (strong language)

Heartbreak. Hypocrisy. Hamsters. Julia and Dan’s marriage is on the rocks. Well, more than on the rocks. They’re getting divorced. Amicably. For now. But when their lawyers step in, tensions and temperatures rise to breaking point. A dark comedy that delves into the complicated dynamics of a young marriage dashed by betrayal… and paperwork. With the lawyers holding a microscope to their relationship, boundaries are crossed and hidden characteristics are revealed. How well do you know the person sleeping next to you and does their lawyer know them better?

Rob Pybus: Dinner With Dallog | 16 + (slapstick violence , some swearing)

Comedy performer and illustrator Rob Pybus is excited to share his tongue-in-cheek take on immersive storytelling, using the medium of animation, projection and his other main prop – his body. Dinner with Dallog is a work in progress show that follows the exploits of his time on the dating scene in London, looking for companionship amongst his busy life working in the city. Immersing himself into the animated backdrop he’s made ( to avoid the cost of building a stage set! ), he hopes to deliver some memorable moments of delight and peril, and in places leaning on the audience for assistance in what to do next within the story. Can he win the heart of Dallog? Come and see!

Declan Duffy: Call Yourself An Irishman?! 

You’re born in one country. But your parents come from a different one. So what does that make you? What if the two countries in question share a profound and complex history, one of conquest and subjugation, of resistance and rebellion? But which happen to be closest neighbours across the Irish Sea, and have grown to a mutual understanding, and (a sometimes uneasy) co-existence?

Join Declan Duffy as he attempts to make some good sense out of it all. He’ll be considering the history of Irish migration to Britain, the difficulties encountered by the people who made that journey, and how all of it has influenced us, their descendants, in our consideration of who we are, what we are. There’ll be some songs, of course there will. Maybe a laugh, too. And we’ll attempt to answer the vexed question of how many boxes you technically have to tick in order to confidently state: “I am Irish (sort of)”.

Fruitful Productions: Sparks | 14+

Consisting of budding queer artists, writers and performers, Fruitful Productions aims to showcase own-voices queer representation. Our work is informed by honest stories depicting affirming representation we rarely get to see in mainstream media, whilst exploring themes from different financial and cultural backgrounds alongside. We all share the ambition to promote informed queer stories and help the LGBTQ+ community feel accepted through theatre, whilst showcasing human struggles and emotion alongside strong friendships, through theatre that is relatable, funny and emotional.

With our debut production ‘Cherry’ being taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August, ‘Sparks’ is a new work in progress, following the stories of a series of queer characters. It aims to showcase the aromantic and asexual experience within a world that centres around relationships. With an aro/ace main character and her non-binary/lesbian housemate, the show explores the emotions surrounding the person closest to you finding a partner in a world where you can’t believe you ever will.


A man Stood in front of a fish and chip shop with neon lighting saying 'SOS BRN'

SOS BRN | FRI 24 MAY | 2.30pm & 6.30pm

'The First Men in the Moon' with a gramophone on the moon


Little Scratch Night

LITTLE SCRATCH NIGHT | WED 29 MAY | 5.30pm – 7pm


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