Studio 74: Cinema Showing Times


Welcome to Studio 74 – the home of independent cinema in Exeter.

With a programme packed full of eye-opening documentaries, special screening events, groundbreaking new releases and unique film festivals, there has never been a better time to visit your local independent cinema.

Here, you will find our upcoming film times.

Cinema Showing Times

Mon 2 Aug: 6.30pm
Tue 3 Aug: 2pm
Wed 4 Aug: 1pm
Wed 4 Aug: 7pm + We Are Parable x Exeter Cinema (post screening performance
Thu 5 Aug: 8pm

Mon 2 Aug: 2pm
Tue 3 Aug: 10.45am + Breakfast Deal
Wed 4 Aug: 4pm
Thu 5 Aug: 5pm

Fri 6 Aug: 1pm
Fri 6 Aug: 8pm
Sun 7 Aug: 8pm
Sun 8 Aug: 12.30pm
Mon 9 Aug: 2pm
Mon 9 Aug: 7.30pm
Thu 12 Aug: 8pm

Fri 6 Aug: 5.30pm
Sat 7 Aug: 2pm
Thu 12 Aug: 5pm

Sat 7 Aug: 5pm
Sun 8 Aug: 3.30pm
Tue 10 Aug: 10.45am + Breakfast Deal
Tue 10 Aug: 8pm