The Kooks Edition Double Bill (CTBA 18)

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Fri 09 Aug 2024


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The Kooks Edition Double Bill (CTBA 18)

122 + 15 mins interval


  • Fri 09 Aug: 7.30pm

Radical. Unorthodox. Brave?
This bunch of kooks take to the water and defy expectations.


So, Bonnie Land
Dir. Thomas Horig. Scotland. 3 mins.
So, Bonnie Land is an ode to the lesser-known surfing and waves of Scotland – a wild and beautiful place, and the folk who make it so.
Cinematographer, Thomas Horig, filmed the project over 3 years while living in the Scottish Highlands. Far from warm waters and classic surf scenes he found a small, thriving community of dedicated cold water warriors amongst some stunning waves and imposing coastline.

Dir. Aurelien Bacquet, Guillaume Rouan. France. 4 mins. 2023
The A14 is the fastest freeway to leave Paris and head for the ocean. It’s also one of the most expensive in France.

Created to by the Barbès Surf Club project, whose manta is “No Locals. Kooks Only” with the aim of making a surfing film without surfing, A14 describes the life of a surfer when you’re stuck over 200 km from the ocean and shows the daily life of a Parisian surfer who continue to be the most hated surfers in France.

Granny Grommets
Dir. Leh Rushomjee. UK/Australia. 9 mins. 2023
Every Friday morning, the Granny Grommets meet at Middleton Beach to catch a wave, turning the tide on what becomes expected of us as we age.

Where is the Surf
Dir. Sebastian Krough. Denmark. 22 mins. 2022
Denmark has the most coastline per citizen in world. Depsite this, it can be quite the struggle to find proper waves to surf.

Wanting to surf on the North Coast of Zealand with no better alternatives this documentary displays four guys’ struggle to find proper surfable waves in Denmark.””

Kald Sól
Dir. Thomas Meurot. Iceland/France. 27 mins. 2023
The film sheds light on the surprising resources of cold countries, on the search for waves guided by the vagaries of the weather. Samuel Redon, a young professional surfer adept of surfing in warm water, will discover a completely different world of surfing. Between storms, violent winds, snow and slippery roads, he crosses the Island accompanied by the No Palm Tree Surfing Association, which guides lovers of riding in the wild. Christophe and Quentin, two amateur surfers, join the adventure. Rough destinations aren’t just for professional surfers, that’s our message.


Femme Ocean
Dir. Annika V. Schütz. Germany. 60 mins. 2023

The ocean nearly took my life. Now it’s giving me life.

Our relationship with the sea is a relationship of vitality. We take risks on the water. We trust in nature. We confront our fear and we begin to trust ourselves. We build that courage and take it with us back to the land, to our communities and beyond. Globally, surfing can be seen as a tool for Women´s Empowerment. This documentary takes a trip from Portugal to Sri Lanka to meet women who are making their own way.

With Joana Andrade, Lizzy, Teresa Ayala, Maryam El Gardoum, Sithmi Nawodya and Devika Salomon.

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