Thanks Ignite 2014 Volunteers!

Published July 2, 2014

A month has passed since Ignite Festival 2014, Exeter’s biggest and best theatre festival to date. With over 200 performances citywide from local and internationally acclaimed companies and over double the number of visitors from 2013, this year saw Ignite Festival leap into national consciousness, putting Exeter’s thriving theatre scene firmly on the map.

As the largest venue taking part in the festival, we had our work cut out for us and couldn’t have done it without our dedicated team of volunteers. So from everyone at Exeter Phoenix, a huge thank you for all your hard work helping make this year’s festival the phenomenal success that it was.


‘It was great to be part of the synergy that was Ignite Theatre Festival. A wonderful opportunity to mix with like minded creative people and support the creative and diverse range of work provided by artists from all over the UK.’
Mai-Lin, freelance creative artist and educator

‘I really enjoyed it! There really is no downside to volunteering at the Phoenix, you get to watch a great variety of theatre and meet lovely people.’
Victoria, second year drama student at the University of Exeter

‘I had a really good time volunteering for Ignite, I was put in charge of the Blackbox space, this involved helping the artists with get ins an get outs, rigging lights and generally making sure they had everything they needed. I’d volunteer again and would definitely recommend it to anybody else, it’s a great way to meet other artistic and creative people.’
Dan, amateur filmmaker and recent graduate with a degree in theatre design and production

‘Any creative person who hasn’t seen much theatre should volunteer, as the variety and talent that the festival showcases will inspire you and show you a million different ways to approach a subject.’

‘I found out about the role through the opportunities page on the website, which I’ve used for several things before, including getting involved with the Arts Department on a music video shoot. I have been completely inspired by Ignite festival and would definitely volunteer at Exeter Phoenix again. I’d encourage anyone who was thinking about it to give it a go.’
Beth, recent graduate of Falmouth University


As the South West’s largest multiform arts charity, we always have a variety of great opportunities to get involved in our creative output.

Keep an eye on our jobs and opportunities page and get involved!