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Published August 19, 2015

Our solar-powered cinema project has been shortlisted to receive funding from the M&S Energy Community Fund. Securing this additional funding will allow us to install solar panels on the roof of our new cinema space. It will enable us to pay for the energy saving systems, fittings and technology within the building itself.


However, only the projects that receive the most support from the public will go on to receive funding. By voting for us, you can help us reach our target and bring one of the city’s greatest cultural assets to life.

What will the M&S Energy Fund allow us to do?

Install solar panels on the roof of our the cinema to generate our own energy and allow a greener future for arts in the city. Pay for energy saving systems, fittings and technology within the building itself.

Why do we need it?

Going green has been at the top of our agenda as an arts venue for years, and our Arts Council funding this summer has finally put in motion the structures that can make this possible.

Why do we need your vote?

Environmental sustainability isn’t something we want to do by halves. The more funding we can collect for this cause, the faster we can make our dream of a solar powered, energy efficient arts venue a reality.

What will it provide for our community?

As well as the satisfaction that comes from supporting the growth of Britain’s sustainable future, we hope that the financial savings made by generating our own energy can be passed on to our loyal customers. We want everyone to be able to share in the benefits that a solar-powered independent cinema will offer.

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