Ready? Set? Chopsticks!

Published February 15, 2016

Take part in our chopstick challenge!

When? 7pm on Wed 2 Mar, before Noriben: Recipe Of Fortune, the first screening in our Japanese film season.

What? Separate a a pile of smarties by colour against the clock, using a pair of chopsticks.

Why? Because the quickest chopstick challenger to complete the task gets to take home a Bento Box goodie pack, courtesy of the Japan Centre. Oh… and because it’s going to be fun.

To join in, just turn up. All challengers welcome.


Experience Japan Through Film

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2016

Our chopstick challenge bento box giveaway is part of a season of Japanese cinema running through March at Exeter Phoenix’s Studio 74.

An inspiring collection of contemporary Japanese cinema in partnership with The Japan Foundation. See work from Japanese filmmakers who have captured the highs and lows of life – stories of people persevering, reconciling or overcoming the environment they live in.

Noriben: The Recipe For Fortune (12A)

Nonchan Noriben


Wed 2 Mar | 7.30pm | £6

A heartfelt human drama about a woman’s journey to independence that’s guaranteed to whet your appetite.

Miss Hokusai (12A)


Wed 9 Mar | 7.30pm | £6

This award-winning animation brings to life the story of O-Ei, the daughter of the 19th century ukiyo-e master, Katsushika Hokusai (globally famous for his piece The Great Wave). Inheriting both her father’s stubbornness and his talent, O-Ei’s art is so powerful that it leads her into trouble.

Pecoross’ Mother and Her Days (12A)
Pekorosu No Haha Ni Ai Ni Iku


Wed 16 Mar | 7.30pm | £6

A sweet and heart-warming story about a comic book artist named Pecoross and his dementia-suffering mother Mitsue. As Mitsue settles into life in a nursing home and gets to know the eccentric inhabitants, her memories gradually lead her to retrace a secret past.

Tale of a Butcher Shop (12A)

Aru Seinikuten No Hanashi


Wed 23 Mar | 7.30pm | £6
An award-winning documentary about the Kitades family and their butcher shop, a business their ancestors have run in Kaizuka City for over 100 years. This touching film follows three butcher siblings, as they make a decision to shut down their long-running slaughterhouse.