More than your average trip to the cinema

Published January 8, 2015

With new immersive cinema experiences, special post-screening events, plus
discussions and Q&As, you can now get more out of your Monday night trip to the cinema than ever before.

With tickets priced at just £5 across the board, films range from Polish and Russian masterpieces, acclaimed animation, tense ecological thrillers, intriguing documentaries, gripping social dramas and the most talked about films of 2014. In short, there is truly something for everyone.

Drawing on the immense popularity of ‘Secret Cinema’, audiences at Exeter Phoenix will also be able to enjoy the magic that comes from an enhanced cinema experience. With hidden screening locations and post-screening talks all included in the ticket price, as well as special £12 meal and film combinations applied to certain films, we’re taking film in Exeter up a gear.

Browse our Jan – Mar film programme HERE (and don’t forget to look out for special film events with the icons below)

post-screening-talkFilms with a special post-screening event


hidden-locationFilms screened in a secret location


meal-dealFilm meal deals