Meet The Team: Laura Cameron-Long

Published June 30, 2017


In this new blog series, we’re going to be taking you behind the scenes with some interview with our team members. 

Up first this week it’s our Fundraising and Development Manager Laura Cameron-Long, who has been smiling all week as a result of our recent Arts Council funding announcement! (More on that here if you’re interested >>). 

  • What’s your favourite part of your job?

I’m a total loser but data analysis. I love looking at trends, seeing what’s working, what’s not, how many people have donated this week, conversion rate, that kind of thing. Then tweaking fundraising asks accordingly and coming up with new ideas to increase income. Yay for stats!

  • What was the first event you attended at Exeter Phoenix?

Apparently it was the Youngblood Brass Band back in 2009 (seven years before I started working here). It was brilliant. Brass, rapping and lots of snare drum action. It involved lots of jumping around – especially to Nuclear Summer (great track if you get a chance to check it out). I had no idea anyone could make so much noise without anything synthetic.

  • What inspired you to work in fundraising?

Probably a more accurate question is what inspired me to work in a non-profit; the job just happened to be in Fundraising and lo and behold, I enjoyed it. I spent four months volunteering in south India at a social project/orphanage back in 2000. It was an incredible experience and made me realise I didn’t want to work in a place where huge profits went into the pockets of a few. So after mulling it over for a year or two I took the plunge, a pay cut and a part time job as a Fundraising Assistant at a medical development charity, and have never looked back. Oh dear, that makes me sound a bit disgustingly worthy – shall I balance it up by saying I love asking people for money?!

  • How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

Reading, zumba, running (on rare occasions), spending time drinking coffee/eating a lot of food with my amazing friends, hanging out with my 3 year old and when spare time allows, the odd bit of acting.

  • What’s your favourite film?

I know it’s a bit of a cliché but I think my favourite film is Amelie – I love the way it’s so playful and celebrates the joy found in everything in life, and the fact that we’re all a little bit mad.

Interested in finding out more? Have a look at our fundraising activity here >>