Meet our first Associate Artist of 2022: Charlotte Johnson (Nèe Evans)

Published June 14, 2022

We're elated to reveal Exeter Phoenix's first associate artist of 2022, Charlotte Evans.

We work with our associate artists to develop a bespoke package of support. This could include training, mentoring, access to rehearsal space, advice sessions, and opportunities to perform or share their work with our audiences. Read on to find out more about Charlotte, what she does and her favourite pasta shape.

Charlotte is a rising star of the stand-up comedy world. She likes reality TV and finds politics boring - which can be tricky when your family is practically the UK's answer to the Kennedys!

In her debut show, Charlotte avoids talking about family politics in favour of rewriting her own story - pausing only briefly to explain why she's the Kim of her siblings...she's unsure of who would be Khloe or Kourt as she hasn't met all 6 or 7 or 8 (?) of them yet.

Originally commissioned as an audio mockumentary as part of the BBC New Creatives Scheme, My Dad and Other Lies has been developed with support from the Northcott Theatre, Exeter Phoenix and Pleasance Futures.

Catch 'My Dad and Other Lies' at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Get your tickets here >> 

Who are you?

At the moment, I am Charlotte Johnson. Pre 2020, I was Charlotte Evans, but this wasn’t working for me professionally so I decided to become Charlotte Johnson.

What do you do?

I make stuff. Theatre, comedy, a big mess.

Why do you like Exeter Phoenix?

Everyone is really quite nice and they give me lots of support with various projects and will always say YES to stuff. (within reason)

Why do you like Exeter?

It’s actually much warmer than most of the country and you rarely need to wear a big coat. I moved here from Yorkshire so I’m quite grateful for this. Also, it’s much better than London as an early career artist - doors are always open, people are free for a chat, and there’s lots of space and time to make work because you don’t have to work three jobs and have a sugar daddy just to afford rent.

I stayed here after uni, when i worked at the Bike Shed and have been given so many opportunities to FAIL, which has been super important to me.

What do you do with yourself when you’re not making work?

Usually watching The Kardashians or listening to a Guardian Long Read. I contain multitudes which makes me incredibly self-aware and down to earth.

How did you get here? 

I did an Access to Higher Education course with the National Youth Theatre when I was 19 and came to Exeter on a whim without ever having visited. To my surprise, it was MUCH smaller than London and I spent a year resenting it - luckily I studied Drama at Exeter University and worked behind the bar at the Bike Shed, and by the time I finished uni, I sort of fell in love with the place (even if my friends from London have never visited).

When I graduated, I decided that I wanted to be a VERY serious theatre director, despite being a very not serious person. After an ill advised double act called CAT PEOPLE with my very talented but teaches Maths boyfriend, I decided to try stand up. I lost a lot of confidence at uni because people wouldn’t cast me in their promenade adaptations of Arthur Miller plays, and I knew I loved writing, so I started doing stand up and really enjoyed it. I was commissioned by the BBC as part of the New Creatives scheme to make My Dad Boris, a mockumentary about finding out my Dad is Boris Johnson, and then in a completely odd turn of events, I used the global pandemic to turn the audio piece into a live show.

What’s your favourite pasta shape?


What are you currently working on?

I am working on my show, Charlotte Johnson: My Dad and Other Lies, which is about me, not the fact that my Dad is the most important man in the country, allegedly. You can catch me nearly every day in August at the Edinburgh Fringe, at the Pleasance, 4:05pm, Jack Dome.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? 

Delia’s way.

Have a chat with me!

Im usually hanging out on the Exeter Phoenix terrace working or pretending to work. If you’re a patron of the arts with lots of money please pop over and say hello. Or if you’re just a nice person, please talk, I don’t actually want to be doing the thing I’m doing on my laptop.