Madame Thespia’s Deliciously Diverse Open Mic Cabaret – Celebrating Variety

Published May 24, 2022

MADAME THESPIA’S DELICIOUSLY DIVERSE OPEN MIC CABARET EXTRAVAGANZA is set to be a night of variety and delight. Hosted by the mysterious Madame Thespia (known offstage, as Izzy) along with Phil Kingslan John, of well known Exeter theatre company Four of Swords, the night will feature a variety of acts, chosen by the discerning Madame herself. She expressed in her selection process, that she was especially keen to celebrate performers from Exeter’s vibrant Learning Disabled and neurodivergent community. We caught up with our hosts ahead of their inaugural evening of entertainment…

What inspired you to put this evening together?

Izzy: I am very passionate about performing arts, but there aren’t many opportunities for neurodiverse people who might want to do it as a career choice. This evening will give people the chance to showcase their talents.

Phil: I’ve been working with Izzy for a few years now, and I’ve been so impressed with her dedication and drive. I wanted to help create a platform for Izzy and people like her to gain experience of quality, fun, public performance.

Do you think the theatre/performance landscape needs to improve their access for neurodivergent people? If so, what would you like to see?

Izzy: I would like to see more understanding of different needs and abilities- I don’t read but i have a very good memory. Raise more awareness about performers with learning difficulties so others in the industry know how to support us. Creating more characters who have learning and other types of disability. 

Phil: I think Izzy also has been searching for a local acting agency with a sensitivity for the needs of neurodiverse performers, and the organisation and resources to offer the support necessary. Accessibility in the arts is improving massively at the moment, but agents need hold the keys to so many acting jobs and they need to move with the times. 

What can artists who want to perform on the night expect?

Izzy: Madness, fun, creativity! An open mic style cabaret evening for anyone who loves performing and wants to gain confidence in front of an audience. It is especially to encourage people who have disabilities to be able to perform in an inclusive environment. 

What can audiences joining us expect?

Izzy: A fun and inspiring evening of entertainment!

Phil: Experience a deliciously diverse night of different acts, routines and kinds of awesomeness! 

Please apply in advance for a 10 minute slot to thespia@four-of-swords.comor come along on the night to enjoy the show!

Wednesday 25th May, 6:45pm

Tickets are available here.