Le Navet Bete

navet-bete-extravaganzaLe Navet Bete’s Extravaganza Le Navet Bete are an award-winning physical-comedy troupe based in Exeter. ‘Since 2011 the Exeter Phoenix has been a vital institution for our development as a company, both creatively and administratively. Providing us with with rehearsal space when required, a desk and pigeon hole in the office and space to hold meetings, whether that be internally with the company or with our advisory board, the Phoenix is an invaluable resource for us. Since 2008 we have been performing all of our original shows at the Phoenix (Serendipity, Zemblanity and Napoleon: A Defence) which saw us build up a steady stream of local audience. As our relationship has grown, we have co-produced two feature length shows together (Once Upon A Time In A Western and Dick Tracy) and they, along with Exeter City Council, have supported the creation of our latest outdoor touring show (Rumpus) which debuted as a part of the Exeter Ignite Festival in 2014. As well as giving us the necessary rehearsal space their entire staff, whether that be very creative marketing team, the knowledgeable technical staff, the helpful box office team and even the bar staff, who now all know our specific coffee orders, assist us in all aspects of our work. The team at the Phoenix has a wealth of knowledge between them and they are always keen to provide us with the help that we need, in turn raising the standard of what we produce. Because of this partnership we have with the Exeter Phoenix we make a point of debuting all of our new indoor theatre shows in the venue and we endeavour to promote this wherever we tour, indoor and outdoor, nationally and internationally. With their recent successful Small Scale Capital Funding bid from Arts Council England to adapt the building in numerous ways it’s a very exciting time to be working in the Phoenix, a real key player in the ever growing Exeter arts and culture scene. Seeing more and more artists, whether that be performers, digital media experts, musicians to name a few, working in the Phoenix allows us to forge relationships and possible collaborations with much more ease. We call the Exeter Phoenix our ‘home’ and long may this continue!’

Website: lenavetbete.com