International Gay Rugby

Published October 9, 2015


With the Rugby World Cup in full swing, Studio 74 takes a look at a lesser known international rugby event – the International Gay Rugby World Cup.

The International Gay Rugby Association provides opportunities for members of the LGBT community to compete in rugby through tolerant and accepting clubs and teams. The Association also works with other rugby governing bodies to improve tolerance of LGBT athletes at all levels, and creates a sense of community through the various tournaments and events they run.

The most prestigious of these tournaments is the Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Cup – or the Bingham Cup for short. Held every two years since 2002, this event is the equivalent of International Gay Rugby World Cup.

Released earlier this year, documentary Scrum throws you into the sweaty, grueling world of the Bingham Cup, and provides a powerful insight into rugby as more than just a sport.

But it’s not all about rugby. Speaking to our Studio 74 team, Scrum director Poppy Stockwell said ‘the film is really about brotherhood and the importance of finding your tribe, being accepted for who you are and having the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.’

Find out more, and join us for our screening of Scrum at Crossing The Line film season. Details here >>