Help Make Exeter Phoenix Greener

Published November 25, 2019


This morning, we have unveiled exciting plans for creating a solar-powered auditorium, paving a greener future for the arts in Exeter. 

If we can raise £3,000 by Mon 16 Dec, the M&S Energy Community Fund could grant the venue the additional funds needed to replace the existing auditorium lights with a greener LED lighting system. These would be powered by the existing solar panels on the venue’s roof, creating the city’s first solar-powered auditorium. 

Speaking about the project, Laura Cameron-Long (Fundraising & Development Manager) said ‘The auditorium hosts hundreds of gigs, theatre, comedy and dance events throughout the year, and our current lights use a huge amount of energy. This would be a huge step towards reducing our impact on the environment and our planet.’ 

This innovative approach to finding green solutions in the arts is nothing new for Exeter Phoenix. Back in 2015 we made history by opening Studio 74, the first solar-powered cinema in the region, which was also made possible thanks to the M&S Energy Community Fund.

To be in with a chance of winning the M&S fund and making the solar-powered auditorium project a reality, Exeter Phoenix’s Crowdfunder page needs to have the most supporters out of all the short-listed projects. You can show your support to a greener future by voting for the project here >>

There are plenty of rewards – including event tickets, a private cinema screening for you and friends, and even having the venue named after you

Laura Cameron-Long added ‘Whether you can donate £1 or £1,000, every donation will help get us closer to this target, so thank you for being a part of Exeter Phoenix’s future.’

Help us reach our Crowdfunder goal of £3000 so that we can replace our theatre lights with low energy LED ones, making Exeter Phoenix cleaner, greener and a better place for you all to have fun in!

Find out more here >>

Thank You To Our Supporters

A huge thank you to you, our wonderful supporters. We very literally couldn’t be doing this without you.

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