Guest Blog: My Week Of Work Experience

Published June 27, 2019

Guest blog: My Week Of Work Experience

Earlier this month, we were joined by student Evie who was completing a week of work experience. Was a week spent working in a busy arts centre what she expected? Here is what she had to say about her time with us… 

“During my five days working at Exeter Phoenix, I have experienced many different things that go on throughout each day and seen all the different departments such as the art galleries, theatre and gig spaces, the box office, marketing office, the digital space and more. Throughout the week, I took part in things such as learning and completing tasks in these different departments and I have enjoyed the dynamic of the whole building and the vibrant atmosphere. Before I came here I was particularly interested in music, art and performance but I had little knowledge of what actually goes on behind the scenes. 

On my first day, I got a welcoming tour of the building and saw all the different areas and got an idea of what sort of stuff I would be doing throughout the week. I then went on to do some marketing work in the office helping out with promoting different films shown in Studio 74 in the upcoming weeks. In the afternoon, I got an insight of what its like to set up before a concert / performance, helping out with the lighting, sound, seating and more.

On Tuesday, I spent my morning working with the Freefall+ group which is a creative group who meet weekly and explore different events going on at Exeter Phoenix, and help make many different artworks and paintings etc that are used as decoration in different events going on here. After lunch I came back to do some box office work, learning about how tickets are sold, what it’s like to talk to the public, and the typical phone calls and questions the box office receive daily.

On Wednesday I had a look around the art galleries and learnt about the Hospital Rooms projects and then gave feedback about the artwork. In the afternoon I helped come up with some interview questions for the writers of shows coming up at Exeter Fringe Festival, to help Exeter Phoenix and ticket buyers learn more about the shows. 

Coming to the end of the week I spent Thursday morning walking around the building leaning about the safety precautions and things that need to be checked regularly in the building such as fire exits and signs. I spent Thursday afternoon doing digital work, helping set up the cinema, and putting posters up. I also sat in a meeting and experienced what sort of things are discussed and heard different ideas.

Overall I have had a really positive experience here at Exeter Phoenix and have learnt a lot about different roles and the typical working day here. There are so many exciting events going on all the time and a range of activities and workshops to get involved in as well as a cinema and concerts with all different ages considered.”

From all the team at Exeter Phoenix, we would like to say a big thank you to Evie for all your hard work during your time with us!