Frightened Rabbit preview from Exeposé

Published February 11, 2013

Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit are coming to the Phoenix this month, following the release of their fourth album Pedestrian Verse.

The album represents a major milestone in the band’s artistic journey; following the mixed reception of 2010 album The Winter of Mixed Drinks – their last with independent label Fat Cat Records – Frightened Rabbit have returned to their roots, approaching Pedestrian Verse with the same lyrical frankness which typified their earlier work whilst, for the first time ever, adopting a collaborative approach to their songwriting. Consequently, the album feels more ‘grown up’, and experiments with new sounds, minor keys and wider subject matter.

Following their success in the States, and now signed with major label Atlantic Records, the band have been able to record the album at the renowned Monnow Valley Studio – a far cry from the bedrooms, cupboards and kitchens that the band have recorded in previously.

Lyrically the album is very impressive; the collaboration from the other band members combined with the three month wait to secure producer Leo Abrahams seems to have given the band the chance to hone and refine their songwriting, and while the lyrics deliver the same passion, honesty and lyrical intensity that only Frightened Rabbit seem able to produce, there is an uplifting optimism and exciting freshness behind it all.

Despite being fairly unknown in the UK, Pedestrian Verse could be the breakthrough album for Frightened Rabbit. With rock anthems like new single Woodpile under their belt, you can expect a night of raw, impassioned performance generating a raucous, contagious atmosphere as the band aim to get music ‘out of that dress and into a sweater’.

Pedestrian Verse was released in the UK on 4th February 2013, and you can listen to the album exclusively via The Guardian’s music blog.
Frightened Rabbit will be playing at the Exeter Phoenix on Sunday 17th February.

By Magda Cassidy