Video Production

Designed to help you or your company create and promote your own corporate videos. this one-day course will introduce you to professional and efficient methods of generating videos for a variety purposes. The day will include: Planning a treatment – Who is your audience? What do you want to communicate? Learn how to put your message across in a dynamic and engaging way. Discover what makes a powerful video. Filming – explained in an easy to follow way, learn the difference between amateur and professional filming and be advised on the different camera models and formats you can use when making a video. Discover the importance of shooting for the edit, setting the scene, framing and depth of field. Using professional digital video cameras, learn about camera settings including exposure, white balance, focus, format and sound recording. Editing – Learn how to import your footage into the edit using the correct settings and how to lay a video and sound track. experiment with how to edit your film in the timeline using cutting techniques. Exporting your film – Learn what formats work best for your video. Discover how to export your finished film and upload it to the web. This package can be extended over a few days for an even more in-depth experience.