Fig-RigHire Price for three Redheads (per day)

Commercial/Organisations: £23 Individuals/Self Employed: £13 Concessions: £9 A circular frame with crossbar mount to hold a HDSLR or camcorder (via a sliding QR plate) and mountable accessories such as remote controls, mics, mixers, lights and more. With no straps or harnesses attached to the Fig Rig, quick and wide movements can be made within the same shot from ground-level to overhead, all in one smooth movement. Its practical design enables unobtrusive filming, flexibility and expanded creativity. Situated at the centre of the wheel is a Universal Mount so that Sympla rails can be fitted, allowing other components and kits (Flexible Mattebox, Long Lens Support etc) to be attached.

Hague Camera Crane

hague-cam-crane-(jib)Cost (each)

Commercial/Organisations: £47 Individuals/Self Employed: £35 Concessions: £23 The Hague CamCrane is quick and simple to set up and is supplied with it’s own stand. It supports cameras up to 2.5kg. and is ideal for handheld camcorders and DSLRs. Once balanced the camera can smoothly move from ground level to over 5 metres high and the crane will pan 360 degrees on the stand.

Konig KN Tripod

konig-kn-tripodHire Price (per day)

Commercial/Organisations: £12 Individuals/Self Employed: £8 Concessions: £5 Professional camera tripod with advanced fluid damping system that enables smooth camera movements. The tripod is equipped with 2 stage legs for optimal height and stability. The built-in bubble is ideal for horizontal leveling.

Manfrotto Tripod

Manfrotto-tripodHire Price (per day) Commercial/Organisations: £12 Individuals/Self Employed: £8 Concessions: £5 This is one of best-selling range of tripods. The smooth pan and tilt movements. This three-section tripod which comes with the company’s video head is stable, flexible, and easy to use, making it a great choice for amateur and professional photographers alike.