Film Commissions Updates And Sneak Peeks

Published September 4, 2017

Film Commissions 2017 Updates

Our commissioned filmmakers have been hard at work over the last five months on their upcoming short film projects. They are really starting to take shape and we are thrilled to be able to share some insight from the filmmakers into the process so far. Their final films will be presented at our Commission Premiere and Award Ceremony at Two Short Nights 2017 in December.

Microfilm Commission

Repercussions – Charlie Coldfield

Photo credits – Ben Tallamy

‘We shot Repercussions in a day mid July at the Moose Studios in Exeter. Finding the right location was a tricky one as we needed a room that looked like a normal room in a flat but in a location where the neighbours wouldn’t mind us playing the drums all day. Moose Studios turned out to be perfect, having a disused flat at the top of the building. The team worked extremely hard all day along with our actors and musicians to create some amazing moments in what we hope will be a memorable short.

We are now in post production with just some voiceover to record to complete a rough edit. We then hand over to our composer Ben Hudson who will create the film’s sound design along with Jimi Stewart. After that it just needs mixing and grading and we will be ready to screen at two short nights.’

Microfilm Commission

The Hardest Fight – Owain Astles

‘So it’s been a pretty busy few months; we’ve been focusing on our outreach work, connecting with boxing clubs and communities around the UK, and have had some incredible, and very personal responses from people, from university students to ex-boxers talking about how boxing has helped them to overcome their mental struggles. What’s been amazing is how much we’ve learnt about all the different reasons it helps people; for some it’s purely the exercise and aggression that clears your head during a boxing workout, while for some it’s all about the supportive community you get in boxing clubs.

We’re still running our crowdfunding campaign (you can still pledge here >>), and have had some very positive feedback from the boxing community, with links published in Boxing News and The Tab, and we’re due to go on a radio show next week to chat about the project. We start filming in just a couple of weeks (ahh!), but we’ve got a solid crew involved in the project, including a number of filmmakers from Exeter, and are excited to get rolling.’


Devon Short Film Commission

Before I Go – Scott Stevens

‘Working on this project so far has been one of the most challenging yet enjoyable things I have done. I have been overwhelmed by the support I have been given by complete strangers during the Kickstarter stage, amazed at the talent the cast and crew displayed during our shoot and slightly confused as to how I haven’t gone completely insane yet. 

During the shoot, we faced a lot of issues (mainly battling the rainy weather) but I am extremely happy with how the film has turned out. This has been my first experience of directing a short film that had a budget, had a deadline and had people supporting the film. That pressure has been slightly scary but ultimately has kept me focused on finishing the film and, as we head into post-production, I am hopeful that we will have created something that people enjoy.’

Photo credits – Matt Bell (forest), Scott Stevens (beach)

Devon Short Film Commission 

The Aisle – Jimmy Swindell

‘In comedy drama ‘The Aisle’ fastidious event planner Becky is getting married in less than an hour. A series of problems begin to ruin her perfect day and push her into Bridezilla territory. This project was inspired by my time photographing weddings after I left university and focuses on the comedy, fear, anger and family bashing that I witnessed behind closed doors, often in the lead up to the bride walking down the aisle. Set within a close-knit family we look at the nature of the relationship between a father giving away his only daughter and how that impacts upon them both.

We’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign for the project (here >>) We’ve secured the majority of the cast, and are pleased to have Tess Manson on board as Becky/The Bride. Venue hire availability has been a bit of a risk for us. South Devon has some beautiful venues, but as it turns out a lot of them are booked up for real weddings throughout the year. Unbelievable! But we have managed to secure the prefect venue now and looking forward to starting filming.’

South West Animation Film Commission

Totem – Steve Whittingham

‘Totems has certainly turned out to be an ambitious project! This experimental short film is a blend of live action footage and animation in the rotoscope style, where the animation is hand drawn over the live action footage. The film follows the story of Heather (Rosie Issitt) a young woman who finds a mysterious animated “Totem” in the forest. The location for the film is local to Exeter as well as using areas of Haldon forest.

The film is a collaboration between myself and Joshua Clarkin, who both have experience working within the animation industry, and cinematography by Owain Astles who has created a number of short films. Filming for the production is underway, and once finished the process of hand drawing over each of the frames will begin. When completed the film will estimate at around 4500 separate drawings in total.’


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