Monday Night Film Plus: Discussions & Resources


Get under the skin of the films you love

with our new programme of Monday Night Film discussions

  • With our post-screening events and discussions, we aim to provide a platform which nurtures a collective viewing experience and a space for open debate.
  • Discussions take place after selected films in our Monday Night Film programme, and are included in the price of your film ticket (just £5!)
  • Don’t worry if you’re not a film buff, our discussions are open to everyone. If you don’t want to speak up, there is always the option to submit written questions anonymously.
  • The conversation doesn’t have to stop once the night is over. Join the Monday Night Film facebook group here, or share thoughts on twitter using #MondayNightFilms.


Here you’ll find all the resources you need to delve a little deeper into our Jan – Mar Monday Night Film programme.

  run-lolaFor the first of our discussion series, we screened German cult classic Run Lola Run. Joining the conversation were freelance film writers Chris Hallam and Jordan Brown and film lecturer Sally Hughes. Together we debated themes of realism, multiplicity, fragmented timeframes, narrative and character development and the impact on the spectator. DOWNLOAD FILM FACTSHEET >>

vivianFinding Vivian Maier is an intriguing documentary detailing the search for the elusive street photographer Vivian Maier. Our discussion will take us on a journey into Maier’s hidden world uncovering the themes of the film, and ultimately asking ‘who was Vivian Maier?’ Professional photographers Vanessa Miles and Benjamin Borley will be participating in the Q&A session to follow the film surrounded by a display of local photography work. DOWNLOAD FILM FACTSHEET >>

matrixWith it’s reality-bending narrative and revolutionary bullet time editing, The Matrix has become a sci-fi essential. ‘Take the red pill’ to join Neo and the team on a quest to a hidden location for a one-off screening of this classic, followed by a debate recognising themes of reality, consciousness, societal structures and the impact of the technology on the sci-fi genre. Remember, ‘there is no spoon’. FILM FACTSHEET COMING MON 9 FEB

giovanniCombining fascinating historical-political contexts with luscious visual animation, Giovanni’s Island has been a hit with film-lovers of all ages. For our post-screening discussion we’ll be focussing on the creative production processes involved in anime, the historical development of this rich genre and the work of Mizuho Nishikubo. FILM FACTSHEET COMING MON 16 FEB

spinalFollowing a hidden location screening of this iconic rock mockumentary, we’ll ramp the debate up to 11 in a post-screening discussion. Together we’ll pick apart the genre of ‘rockumentary’, concepts of the real, rock ‘n’ roll lifestyles and the appreciation of the legends that were Spinal Tap. FILM FACTSHEET COMING MON 9 MAR

leviathanSet in the remote Russian northwest, this is the tragic tale of one man’s struggle against a corrupt system of power. Our post-screening discussion will explore the themes of gender, money and power within this Russian political drama. FILM FACTSHEET COMING MON 30 MAR