Exeter Phoenix Auditorium Renamed

Published October 8, 2013

Exeter Phoenix is pleased to announce an exciting new sponsorship venture with The Exeter Daily. From 8th October 2013 the Exeter Phoenix auditorium will be renamed as the exeterdaily.co.uk auditorium. The first of its kind for Exeter Phoenix, the naming rights sponsorship will involve a new auditorium sign that will be unveiled on the 8th October. Tickets will also display the new name as well as showing on the Exeter Phoenix website’s event pages.

Exeter Phoenix Director Patrick Cunningham said, ‘It’s a really exciting partnership. The Exeter Daily is a great platform for local news and we’re delighted that they want to work with Exeter Phoenix. As a local charity we are always looking for ways that businesses can support us and sponsorship of this kind is something that can be beneficial for everyone involved.’

The Exeter Daily, an online local news platform, has been going from strength to strength since its launch last year and Marc Astley, the Editorial Director said, ‘Both the Exeter Phoenix and The Exeter Daily are at the heart of the community they serve. This sponsorship deal is a reflection of our joint commitment to collaborate with, and support, local people, local businesses and local organisations.’

The first event to take place in the exeterdaily.co.uk auditorium will be Melanie Wilson and Fuel present Landscape II on the evening of Tuesday 8th October 2013.


Patrick Cunningham (Exeter Phoenix) and Mark Astley (The Exeter Daily)