Exeter Monopoly Board to be Released

Published March 26, 2015

Exeter is to ‘pass go’ and soon its very own version of the Monopoly board game will be available in shops.

Members of the public voted in their thousands to secure the go ahead for the Monopoly: Exeter Edition which will arrive as the board game celebrates its 80th year. Runners up included Dorchester, Taunton, and Truro, but with an impressive 34% of the vote, Exeter won the poll.

With the Exeter Edition now in development, attention has turned to the question of which of the city’s landmark venues and locations will make it onto the board.

Once again, the decision is being put to the people, with suggestions invited via email to exeter@winningmoves.co.uk.

Want to see Exeter Phoenix take a spot? We do! So go on, put in a good word for us. The deadline for voting is Sun 29 Mar.



‘This could see Exeter Guildhall replace Whitehall, while the Phoenix or the Northcott Theatre could have London’s West End slot, Mayfair could be Exeter Cathedral – and Fleet Street could well be the Express and Echo. As well as property themed landmarks, many of the game’s Community Chest and Chance cards will be customised too’