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Zipangu Shorts (15)

Japan Touring Foundation

Thu 16 Mar 2017






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Zipangu Shorts (15)

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Zipangu Shorts

From the fantastically weird to the beautifully bizarre journey to Japan through this eclectic collection of Japanese short films. In collaboration with Tokyo’s Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, an Academy Awards accredited festival, this one-off screening selects the best new filmmaking talent from Japan. Unconventional, surprising and bursting with energy these stories are a breath of fresh air.

The films will be subtitled. 


That’s No Meaning

Hiroto Hara, 16mins

Nana searches for something to cheer her father up, and comes across a Japanese comedian, Yoshio Kojima. Of all things, she decides to perform his signature gag, “there is no meaning.” Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t make her father feel any better. Then one day, a miracle falls upon her.

The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere

Mickey Duzyj, 18mins

In 2003, Japan was plunged into economic darkness, and its people needed a ray of hope. They found one in Haru Urara, a racehorse with a pink Hello Kitty mask and a career-long losing streak.

Dad’s Wedding

Fukuda Momoko, 31mins

28-year-old Sasano Seiko has returned home to celebrate her widowed father’s remarriage. However, the partner-to-be is the double-divorcee-with-children and close friend of Seiko’s older brother. Her father says he will be the “mother” to everyone, but Seiko is not convinced…

Between the Lines

Daisuke Yamaoka, 5mins

Just as Kyoko is about to leave for Tokyo, her childhood friend Tomo, who wants her to stay, bids her farewell somewhat aggressively. Kyoko senses that he is going to confess his love for her, and bolts.

Two Juliets of Verona

Ken Ochiai, 15 mins

Verona Girls’ High School has been holding its legendary theatre festival for 120 years. Julie and Yuri are competing with each other to appear as the star of the play. When they find out the school will become co-educational and a male transfer student appears, the battle intensifies.

Venue: Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix

Supported by the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, Japan Airlines, the Japan Centre and Sake Samurai.


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