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Working Together: Actors/Directors

Half day workshop

Sat 22 Oct 2016


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£25 (£22.50)*


1pm - 4.30pm

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Working Together: Actors/Directors

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Working Together: Actors/Directors


Stanley Kubrick force-fed Jack Nicholson cheese sandwiches, which he despised, to get the performance he wanted for The Shining. Is this a valid directorial technique?! What about diva-tastic actors like Ed Norton who notoriously browbeat directors and take over movies? Fear not! Jon Seal, working with Sarah White and Phil Kingslan John, has designed a get-up-and-do workshop for actors and directors expressly to solve these dilemmas and get the best performances on screen. A simple studio set-up will allow the review and discussion of material instantly. Participants will explore on-set organisation, planning and communication, basic screen acting techniques and directing styles.

Bombastic theatre company Four of Swords have a reputation for highly original, site specific work. From Macbeth in the caves to Frankenstein at Great Fulford, their interpretations of classic literature have received rave reviews. Their visually stunning shows incorporate innovative film techniques. Both Sarah and Phil have wide experience of acting and directing for the screen.


Jon Seal is a filmmaker based in Devon. Short films include Back to Earth (Shortlisted for a Jerwood First Film Prize), Deserter and Hamster (made in partnership with Exeter Phoenix). He has recently written and directed most of the short films in the GCSE English Literature Series for Cambridge University Press. Jon has been writing and directing for over 30 years.

Four of Swords Theatre was founded in 2012, born of two friends’ determination to create sensational theatre. After several months of careful planning, in 2013 Four of Swords exploded onto the South West theatre scene. Since 2014, they have been involved in Exeter Phoenix’s Summer Film School and join Jon Seal on this course to combine their filmic and theatrical expertise.


Venue: Exeter Phoenix

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