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Wings in the Way

Fri 09 May 2014



£10 (£8 Student, £5 Child)



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Wings in the Way


Wings in the Way

Community is a 21st century buzzword; connected community has become both a local and national aspiration. But what does it really mean to build a community? How does it feel to bridge communities and to connect? And what of the media? Is social media distorting community or enhancing it? When the scope of the world can become an image on a tablet in your palm, what is community then? Has it become an opt in/opt out choice? Can these digital wings of freedom get in the way and prevent us from being us? Our online profiles are globally available, but it is our offline identities that go to school, work and interact locally. How can both be equally maintained? Is being connected always good?

Wings in the way is a physical theatre performance by 20 young people, from varied backgrounds and locations around Devon. They have come together through Anthos Arts; a collaborative of theatre professionals, and through physical theatre, they will take you on our journey in their imaginations, exploring the difficulties, challenges and stereotypes that are faced when community is no longer a fixed state.?Wings in the Way is a fast moving, funny, thought provoking and emotional performance, which asks audiences to think about our place within local and global community.

VENUE: The Cygnet Theatre, Exeter


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