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Wind in the Willows by Magic Carpet’s Story into Art Group

Mon 08 Jan 2024 - Sun 04 Feb 2024





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Wind in the Willows by Magic Carpet’s Story into Art Group

Story into Art is a Magic Carpet session that happens here at Exeter Phoenix every Friday. We are a group of adults with mixed abilities, skills, talents and tastes  and we love coming together to listen to stories that inspire our artwork.


In 2023 we chose to fully explore that well-loved book “The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame.

We got to know the charming, quirky, spiky characters of Mole; Water Rat; Otter; Badger; Toad: Rabbit; Hedgehog and the Mice and the heart-pulling dilemmas of their riverside lives.

We also became familiar with the less attractive Weasels; Stoats; Foxes; Owls and other inhabitants of the Wild Wood.
As Water Rat said to Mole “They break out sometimes and then they can’t be trusted. So we river folk don’t go there very much.”


We each worked on our own artistic interpretations of the stories and chose which characters to make into puppets. However, creating this huge painting of their world was entirely a joint enterprise.  Doing this we learnt new skills and became confident in mixing and using acrylic paint in a big way, including working directly onto the wall!


A script was written and we had a go at bringing the story to life with the puppets performing in front of the painting as a backdrop.

We hope you enjoy our interpretation of Wind in the Willows. Our group is  looking forward to with working new stories on Friday mornings.

You can find out more about Magic Carpet at

If you or someone you know wants to join Stories into Art there are places right now! You can ring Hannah at Magic Carpet’s office on 01392 422938 or text her on 07841 530629


NB: In case you don’t have a calendar for 2024 we have produced a great one from this project, which is still available at the reduced price of £6 from the Magic Carpet Office here at Exeter Phoenix!


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