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Willy’s Wonderland (15)

Virtual Cinema

Fri 12 Feb 2021 - Sun 07 Mar 2021





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Willy’s Wonderland (15)

Virtual Cinema With Studio 74

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Willy’s Wonderland (15)

Dir. Kevin Lewis | 2021 | 88 mins

Nic Cage takes on a set of violent animatronic amusement park mascots in this action packed, nail-biting tale of terror that will take you on the ride of your life!

Stranded in a remote town with a car that won’t work and no way to pay the local repair shop, The Janitor (Nic Cage – Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse) agrees to spend the night in an abandoned theme park full of animatronic characters that were once a joy to the kids of the town, but now hold a dark secret.

As night falls, these once happy mascots come to life and they’re out for blood. Survive at any cost, it’s only one night!




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