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Venus In Fur

Mon 22 Sep 2014



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3.30, 6 & 8.15pm

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Venus In Fur

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Venus In Fur

France / Poland, 2013, 96 mins. Dir. Roman Polanski

Alone in a Paris theatre after a long day of auditioning for the lead role in his new play, writer-director Thomas complains that no-one has what it takes to play his lead female characters. When actress Vanda bursts in, a whirlwind of erratic-and erotic-energy things change Thomas see everything he has been lamenting. She is pushy, foul-mouthed, desperate and ill-prepared-or so it seems. But when he, reluctantly, agrees to let her try out for the part, he is stunned and captivated by her transformation. Not only is Vanda a perfect fit (even sharing the character’s name), but she apparently has researched the role exhaustively-down to buying props, reading source materials and learning every line by heart. As the extended “audition” builds momentum, Thomas moves from attraction to obsession…




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