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University Of Exeter Art Society: Your Scape

Walkway Gallery

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Thu 01 Jan 1970




University Of Exeter Art Society: Your Scape


University of Exeter Art Society

Your Scape

The University of Exeter’s Art Society offers an opportunity for students to express their artistic skills and enthusiasm to the rest of the University, and now Exeter as well. This special exhibition, titled Your Scape, is an exploration of environment and the spaces we surround ourselves with; each artist at the beginning of this academic year found themselves in a new place, a new house or room with new people. Art Soc felt this shared, and yet personal experience, would be fruitful ground from which to create new work from. Your Scape exhibits the extensive artistic skills, range and passion found in Exeter’s university students.

Venue: Exeter Phoenix Walkway Gallery

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