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Un-Mute: Young People’s image: word: exhibition

Tue 07 Nov 2023 - Sun 10 Dec 2023





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Un-Mute: Young People’s image: word: exhibition


young people’s image: word: exhibition

In support of World Children’s Day and in collaboration with Devon Youth Justice Service children.

A collection of music, word and image that celebrate young people’s lives in Devon.

Read their feature in the November Creative Hub here>>

World Children’s Day

World Children’s Day is celebrated every year on 20 November, because on this day in 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted. As an international document of the United Nations, the Convention contains universal standards that States must guarantee for every child. The Convention was signed by 196 countries, making it the fastest and most widely accepted agreement in the field of international human rights in history. In this way, the world promised that all children would be guaranteed equal rights and that it would do everything to protect and ensure their rights to survive, develop, learn and reach their full potential, without discrimination.

Children’s rights are rights that protect all persons under the age of 18. They indicate what every child should have or can do. Every child has the right to education, health care, food, play, protection, and more. Children’s rights should ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve the best they can. All the rights are interconnected and are equally important. Apart from the fact that our rights belong to us because we were born with them, it is equally important that we respect the rights of others.


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