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The Undercover Hippy

'+ Samantics + Malavita

Sun 07 May 2017


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The Undercover Hippy

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The Undercover Hippy

+ Samantics + Malavita

Billy Salisbury aka The Undercover Hippy has been performing at festivals since 2008, working his way up from being a solo singer-songwriter playing in small marquee stages, to now having a full band of incredible musicians and playing main-stages at some of the Europe’s best festivals. They’ve been regulars at Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown and many more.

Politically driven the band blend acoustic roots reggae folk-hop, with feel good vibes and a sly sense of humour. The live show is high energy, interactive, and always leaves the crowd begging for more. Loyal fans travel the length of the UK for shows and spread the music wider with their impressive devotion.

The Truth or Fiction tour marks the band’s third album, their most ambitious to date. Lyrically the band have never had so much to discuss. Political as always, singer Billy Rowan discusses the state of the world at a time when we’re just starting to realise how much those who rule our lives hide information from us.

‘This is about as real as music gets!’

‘Like a hip hop Gomez… Politically driven, clever and fun’

‘His combination of catchy tunes, rhythmical vocal style, and socially aware (but often amusing) lyrics, is a recipe that is difficult to nail without seeming preachy or dull, but Rowan succeeds where many fail.’

Support from Samantics and Malavita

Samantics is a one man, ukulele infused, hiphop-ish act. Using a loopstation,  multiple ukuleles, beatboxing, vocal harmonies and a laptop, Samantics offers a refreshing taste of music. The energy, effort and concentration he puts in to his live shows creates a captivating performance and with his thoughtful, honest and engaging lyrics, Samantics frequently draws in large crowds. If you’re more into drinking tea than murdering Gs then Samantics is one to watch!

Malavita fuse funky latin beats, skanktastic reggae and chunky basslines to create a heady mixture of original, infectious feel good tunes. Seven eclectic musical misfits originating from Italy and the Deep South West (country) come together to start the party and keep the dance floor jumping. Expect groovy bass lines, heaps of percussion, funky horn riffs and soulful female vocals. Having just released their first EP we ain’t makin biscuits, the group are looking forward to a summer full of shows and festivals.



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