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The Territory (12A) + Panel Discussion

Wed 30 Nov 2022


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5pm - 7.30pm

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The Territory (12A) + Panel Discussion

Dir. Alex Pritz
2022 | 98 mins | Brazil, Denmark, USA

In the Brazilian rainforest, a battle is being waged between the last of the indigenous Uru-eu-wau-wau tribe and the farmers who, with President Bolsonaro at their backs, are slowly eating into their otherwise protected territory. But young activist and leader Bitate, together with his mentor, Neidinha, is mobilising an army of self-taught journalists to patrol the jungle and catch the land grabbers in action, with a video camera as their only weapon against the chainsaws. The Territory is a highly dramatic documentary in which the battle between right and wrong runs the gamut of emotions, but above all it is a furious and phenomenally compelling tale of courage and resistance.

Panel Discussion

The Q&A panel consists of experts in climate science, economics, and law and showcasing voices from the film’s featured activists.

Richard Betts:


Richard is Chair in Climate Impacts at the University of Exeter and Head of Climate Impacts in the Met Office Hadley Centre. He has worked in climate modelling since 1992, with a particular interest in the impacts of climate change on ecosystems and the interactions with other impacts of climate change such as on water resources. He is also interested in the wide-ranging effects of land use and land cover change on climate. He has pioneered a number of key developments in the extension of climate models to include biological processes, and been involved in national and international climate science and policy documents such as the EU Framework 7 Project HELIX and the IPCC with Working Group 1. Richard was a co-author of the chapter on the risk of an Amazon tipping point in a major report by the Science Panel for the Amazon published in 2021.He is also involved in a major new experimental facility being constructed in the Amazon, to study the response of the ecosystem to higher levels of CO2.

Malcolm Rogge:


Dr Malcolm Rogge is an expert in “business and human rights” and an international award-winning documentary filmmaker. He leads a popular module in Business and Human Rights Law at the University of Exeter School of Law. From 2015 to 2019, Dr Rogge served as Teaching Fellow at Harvard University for graduate level courses led by Professor John G. Ruggie, the former UN Special Representative on Business and Human Rights and former strategic advisor to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Rogge’s feature documentary film Under Rich Earth (2008), about a mining conflict in Ecuador, is regarded as a “classic example for companies on how not to handle community relations.” It was nominated for a Coral Award at the Havana Film Festival in the category of Best Documentary about Latin America by a non-Latin American Filmmaker. The film is used in law school and business school courses around the world, including property law (University of Arizona), investment law (National University of Singapore), and Responsible Management (Toronto Metropolitan University). Rogge’s documentary films have been supported by major awards from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

Lucy Rowland:

Lucy Rowland is an Associate professor and NERC independent research fellow at the University of Exeter. Her research is focused on understanding how tropical ecosystems from rainforests to savannas respond to environmental change and how we can conserve and restore these ecosystems to be resilient to future anthropogenic climate change. Her current research focuses on understanding how plants respond to environmental change across tropical biomes from rainforest to savannas—in particular, on plant hydraulic responses, and how these responses control carbon sequestration, and influence the resilience of ecosystems to change. She has research projects based across Asia, Latin America and Africa and her work focuses on both empirical measurements and vegetation modelling.

Chendi Zhang:

Chendi Zhang is Professor of Finance and the Director of Exeter Sustainable Finance Centre. He is Associate Dean for Research & Impact at the University of Exeter Business School. He specialises in sustainable and responsible finance, corporate finance, behavioural finance, and emerging markets. Professor Zhang’s research has been covered by international newspapers such as the Economist, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, CBS and Harvard Law School Corporate Governance Forum. He has acted as a consultant on sustainable investing and emerging markets finance for the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (Washington DC), Robeco SAM (Zurich), Bank of New York Mellon and Newton Investment Management (London).


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