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The Teachers’ Protest

Virtual Cinema

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Thu 01 Jan 1970


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The Teachers’ Protest


With Exeter Phoenix temporarily closed, we have partnered with Modern Films to bring you an event you can enjoy from your front room. Front Room Phoenix is our way of beaming culture and creativity straight to your sofa at this time. Find more Front Room Phoenix events here >>

VIRTUAL CINEMA | The Teachers’ Protest

Directed by Jon Seal
Documentary | UK | 77 mins

1942. Occupied Norway. Teachers must join the Nazi Teachers’ League and teach Nazi ideas in their classrooms. 8,000 of them write protest letters. They are threatened with salary withdrawal and the sack. Still they refuse. In a desperate attempt to break them, the Nazi government arrests 1000 male teachers and sends them to prison camps, 300 miles above the Arctic Circle. The education system is in chaos and now the battle begins.

Jon Seal’s documentary weaves together archive footage, first-hand testimony and the skilful animation of Herlov Åmland’s poignant drawings to tell this gripping story to an international audience for the first time. The Teachers’ Protest is a sad, tender and uplifting documentary exploring a completely different kind of war story – an inspiring tale of passive resistance, where the heroes fight without weapons and still win.

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You can rent this film from £3.99 through Vimeo here >>

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