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The Parachute

Sun 08 Oct 2017



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The Parachute

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The Parachute

By Stephen Mottram

The Parachute is a funny and mesmerising tale about youth, love and confronting old age. With little more than an armful of white tipped wands, master-puppeteer Stephen Mottram conjures characters from nowhere. He plays with the way our brains make sense of things we see and stealthily reels us into a world of movement and illusion, populated by ephemeral, joyous figures.

Stephen Mottram has performed in more than 40 countries. A movement artist using puppets ranging from fully strung marionettes and automata, to a handful of ping pong balls, his shows are wordless, with specially composed electroacoustic music. 

His previous shows include The Seed Carriers, The Seas of Organillo and In Suspension.

‘Mottram takes the craft of puppetry to a level of sophistication that makes you gasp with the cleverness of it’ 

‘tiny complete worlds full of suspense, surprise and sometimes foreboding.’ 

Venue: Exeter Phoenix


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