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The Club (18)

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The Club (18)

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The Club (18)

Chile, 2015, 98 mins, dir. Pablo Larraín.

Spanish / English subtitles. 

The fifth feature from Chilean director Pablo Larraín (Post Mortem, No) winner of the Grand Prix at the Berlinale and nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Golden Globes.

Four Catholic priests are exiled to a secluded seaside monastery in Chile following various sins from their past. They keep to a strict daily schedule devoid of all temptation and spontaneity, each moment a deliberate effort to atone for their wrongdoings.

Their cosy exile is interrupted when claims of molestation are brought upon them.Fearing yet another scandal, higher-ups in the Church send a pious younger priest – Father Garcia – to interrogate and counsel his elders. But this task will prove more arduous than anyone expects.

Full of a mordant black humour that create a perverse effect in underlining the severity of the issues at stake, The Club is an incisive, damning assessment of corruption and abuse within the Catholic Church.

‘A startling and disturbing film in many ways – and replete with ideas. The flavour of fear and disillusionment is all but overwhelming.’ ????

Showing Times

  • Mon 25 Apr: 7.30pm
  • Thu 28 Apr: 7.30pm

Venue: Exeter Phoenix

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