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The Adventure Film Festival 2

Fri 20 Nov 2015



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The Adventure Film Festival 2

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The Adventure Film Festival

Adventure Film Festival is back for a fifth year at Exeter Phoenix. Featuring the best in extreme sports and adventure films, experience a festival of adrenaline-pumping action through a selection of films that celebrate pushing minds and body to the limits. From mountain biking to skiing, kayaking to base-jumping, arduous expeditions to world firsts, each of our three exciting film programmes includes something for every thrill seeker.

Films Showing:

The Last Explorers Of The Rio Santa Cruz

Dir. Tom Allen, Producer Tom Allen and Leon McCarron, 48 mins

In winter 2014, Leon McCarron, Tom Allen and Jose Argento travelled along the entire length of the Rio Santa Cruz. They took with them five horses, carrying all their food and relying on the river for water. Their journey was inspired by the story of the first European exploration of the river, undertaken by Captain FitzRoy in 1834. FitzRoy had been charged with charting the coastline of South America, and his crew included a very young and impressionable Charles Darwin who fancied himself as a bit of a geologist and amateur explorer. Both FitzRoy and Darwin left detailed writings of their journey along the river which, sadly, ultimately ended in a failure to find the source (though they came heartbreakingly close.)

Burn It Down

Dir. Jack Boston, producer Arbor Collective, 4 mins

Longboarder James Kelly bombs down the stunningly picturesque hills around his family cabin in Western Sierras, California. Riding at an insane speed on the straight and windy roads, James Kelly shows his mastery of the newly popular sport.


Dir. Inge Webbe, producer Turbin Films, 54 mins

Three brothers set out on a very special trip together. Motivated by the classic surfer’s relentless quest for the perfect wave, they travel to the remote Norwegian island of Bjørnøya. Lugging a surfboard, snowboard, paraglider and various other equipment they transform the challenging nature of Bjørnøya into their own playground. The brothers find their ice-cold waves and precipitous slopes, and we get the chance to join in on the excitement of shredding arctic snow and cruising the ice cold waves.


Venue: Exeter Phoenix




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