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Sound Gallery Studios Presents: One Thousand Birds Symphony

Sun 08 May 2022



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Sound Gallery Studios Presents: One Thousand Birds Symphony

‘one thousand birds symphony’ is a majestic collection of symphonic compositions and arrangements mixed with field recordings of dawn choruses and solo birdsong accompanied by original footage, digital art and imagery created by musician and producer GRICE.  

‘one thousand birds symphony’ was created between March and December of 2020 deep in The Shire at a time of disintegration and emotional derailment where human activity was for the most part suspended leaving a deafening silence, a sacred space filled with intricate birdsong and the exquisite voices of a thousand feathered choristers.  

“one thousand birds symphony is a harmonic and sometimes dissonant conversation between humans and the natural world … music for the fragile eggshell mind. The philosophy of birds – their iridescence, endurance, vulnerability and strength and their musical integrity is something to behold. They have much to tell us. This music is dedicated to the birds, the true masters in the art of life (and flying). These are my letters from isolation and this my tribute to the birds. Their majesty saved me from myself and I owe them much. May there always be birdsong above the battlefields.”  

The compositions are enhanced by an iridescent cast of musicians who join the sonic murmuration including Richard Barbieri (sonic innovator from art-rock pioneers ‘Japan’ and keyboardist in Grammy award nominated band ‘Porcupine Tree’) who populates the virtual forest with his unique analogue bird sounds (created on the System 700) and Italian avant-garde, freeform jazz trumpeter Luca Calabrese. Sax legend Raphael Ravenscroft (Pink Floyd/Gerry Rafferty) and Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy (Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin) also make an appearance, both of whom are sadly no longer with us.

‘This is stunningly clever, and to my mind a genius work.’


Join us for Bloom, a Free Festival of Mental Welling taking place on Sunday 8th May 2022.

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