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Shorts #6: Earning a Crust

Two Short Nights

Fri 17 Feb 2023


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16+ | Running time: 80 minutes


Individual Screening: £5* | Festival Pass: £25* (£20* Concession)



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Shorts #6: Earning a Crust

Some jobs are hard. Some jobs are carried out with pride and professionalism. Some jobs blur the boundaries and it’s hard to tell where work stops, life begins and paygrade is pertinent. 


An Island Drifts 

Dir. Vivian Ip | 18 mins | US 

Set in Singapore, a young teacher presses for the truth from a maladjusted student, the act leads to devastating results and they suffer the ignominy of losing everything that matters to them. The story holds a mirror up to society, where a mistake can derail a life in an overly pressurised world. 



Dir. Emily Macrander | 14 mins | Ireland 

When a relationship between a domestic cleaner and a house-proud mother blooms, the pair begin to discover that there may be more that bonds them together than just loneliness. But is this just another work-based transaction, or does it mean something else? 


The Bayview 

Dir. Daniel Cook | 18 mins | UK 

On the North East Coast of Scotland, an extraordinary family have turned the previously derelict Bayview hotel into a place of respite for international fishermen when they come to land. This film is a glimpse into this unlikely home and the transient guests who pass through it.


Walls Like Windows 

Dir. Werner Vivier | 12 mins | UK 

When Maggie invites a stranger into her home, she is confronted with the very thing she has been trying to avoid. 


Sweet Little Despair 

Dir. Carolina Petro | 15 mins | UK 

Lynsey juggles her life looking after the elderly at a nursing home and her six-month-old baby. The relentlessness of her routine blur the boundaries between work and personal life, merging her baby and her elderly patients into one and the same.



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