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Shorts #5: What is Worth Remembering?

Two Short Nights

Fri 17 Feb 2023


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16+ | Running time: 83 minutes


Individual Screening: £5* | Festival Pass: £25* (£20* Concession)



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Shorts #5: What is Worth Remembering?

Explore nostalgia and memory, recalling what is, was and will always be important to those who care.  



Dir. Ethann Néon | 4 mins | Belgium 

Through the frame of a window, the landscape depicts natural phenomena: the flowering of trees, changes in the weather and the extension of daylight until the summer solstice… It is a reflection on space-time in a cinematographic form. 



Dir. Jan Vrhovnik | 14 mins | UK 

Power grandpa Edi goes about his daily life in Slovenia, filling his grandson Jan’s eyes with the wonder of aging that only youth allows. Posing the question, ‘Who are our greatest influencers?’. 


Closed to the Light 

Dir. Nicola Piovesan | 10mins | Italy 

Italy in the summer of 1944, time freezes at a moment of terrible tragedy. Everything is still and everything changes. 


I Fall 

Dir. Dan Thorburn | 12 mins | UK 

Created and choreographed by Fallen Angels Dance Theatre and past addicts now in recovery. It explores the carnage and chaos of addiction. 


A Janela (The Window) 

Dir. Patrícia Sobreiro | 10 mins | Portugal 

A personal and intimate vision of a Window, that merges with the memory of a grandmother. 



Dir. Emily Macrander | 10 mins | UK 

Unfolding in reverse chronology, ‘Rave’ traces the events of the night back to the beginning, revealing the intertwining stories of the people involved, including Jade whose night takes an unexpected turn after she finds herself alone at a rave. 


In The Silence of the Abyssale Sea 

Dir. Juliette Klinke | 20 mins | Belgium 

What’s worth remembering? Who decides what is worthy of remembrance? Between past and present, memories and omissions, the audience (re)discovers women who have made cinema what it is today. A sensorial and poetic journey that takes the spectator back to its own knowledge and personal and social constructions. 


Window of Convenience 

Dir. Tom Salvaggio | 6 mins | US  

Brad seeks approval while vacationing in Iceland. 



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