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Shorts #3: Growing Pains

Two Short Nights

Thu 29 Nov 2018


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5.30pm - 7pm

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Shorts #3: Growing Pains

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Exeter Phoenix’s 17th annual Two Short Nights Film Festival is back with a diverse and exciting programme of screenings, workshops and events celebrating the world of short film. Enjoy incredible documentaries, stunning cinematography and exceptional storytelling with screenings of must-see films from around the world, alongside emerging local talent.

Shorts #3: Growing Pains

Two Short Nights Film Festival partnered with Into Film to deliver programming workshops in short film for 16-19 year olds, who narrowed down this selection of short films for us. During our teens we are figuring out who we will become, growing into our bodies and standing up on our own for the first time. Join our young protagonists as they start out on their own insightful journeys towards adulthood.


Kyla Simone Bruce, 2018, UK, Drama, 14mins

Bambi drives pregnant best-friend Al to hospital to have her baby. She’s in denial, this won’t be easy.


Catherine Prowse, 2017, UK, Animation, 4mins

The story of a gardener in a Middle Eastern war zone, fighting the destruction around her with life-giving plants.

I Am, I Am

Sebastian Back, 2018, Canada, Drama, 14mins

Freddie, an aspiring filmmaker who meets a charismatic yet abusive director. A short character study that explores sexual assault in the context of indie film culture.


Julien Menanteau, 2017,  France, Drama, 19mins

At the pool, Jason is being bullied by a companion who compares him to a sumo wrestler. He starts to study the world of the Rikishis, the epitome of the Japanese athlete and identifies with them immediately.


Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx, 2018, Réunion/France, Music Video, 4mins

2500 animated paintings tell the story of a man who tries to run away from his fate. He is seeking success, fame, happiness and love, but the city is too strong and he can’t win.

Troll Hunters

Joseph Brett, 2018, UK, Mockumentary, 8mins

A tragi-comic mockumentary about four people whose lives have been destroyed by internet trolls, and their addiction to arguing back.


Gokce Erenmemisoglu, 2017, Turkey, Drama, 1min

A critical take on modern humanity and relationships.

Second Best

Alyssa McClelland, 2018, Australia, Drama, 20mins

A dark comedy about the power of identical twin sisters and the unbreakable bond that binds them, no matter what might try and come between.


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Into Film are a UK-wide programme designed to support teachers and educators to achieve a wide range of effective learning outcomes in their use of film. Their programme includes a network of extra-curricular film clubs, resources for use in clubs and in the classroom, training opportunities, a cinema-based film festival and our annual Awards.

Venue: Exeter Phoenix, Studio 74


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