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Screening #4 | Nature Calls

Two Short Nights

Thu 28 Nov 2019


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7.30pm - 9pm

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Screening #4 | Nature Calls

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Exeter Phoenix’s Two Short Nights Film Festival is back for its 18th year with another exciting programme of screenings, talks and workshops that celebrate the vibrant world of short film. Whether you make film or love film, join us for must-see short films from across the globe, emerging local talent, and special events with industry professionals.


Get in touch with with your wild side with this selection of short films that hold a lens up to the natural world and the effect it has on people.

Tangled in Foxes

Maryana Gorkova, 2019, UK, Animation, 1 min

Experimental animation exploring movement and choreography through the creatures closely resembling foxes.

Flying Lessons

Laurence Donoghue, 2019, UK, Drama, 9 mins

A young man turns into a seagull every time he feels panic.

Go Go Go

Jose Macerola, 2019, UK, Documentary, 3 mins

When your job is your passion and your passion is a 30 strong pack of huskies. Judi muses on her life and love of dogs as the physicality and majesty of these animals unfolds.

Two Balloons

Mark C. Smith, 2017, US, Animation, 9 mins

Two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion.

Ice Farmers

Tatsuya Ino, 2019, Japan, Documentary, 3 mins

Tokujiro IV and his buddies grow natural ice using traditional techniques and an understanding of the world around him.

God Has Already Gone Ahead (Gott is schon weg)

Peter Böving, 2018, Germany Animation, 10 minutes

A centuries-long settlement’s history is told from the perspective of the Egyptian Geese that live there. While the water level in the pond continues to fall, the inhabitants have the water up the neck. In the end, nothing stays as it was, only the goose suspects nothing bad.


Petra Stipetic, Maren Wiese, 2019, Germany, Animation, 3 mins

Nauru deals with the downfall of the Pacific Island Nauru and portraits it in a fairytale-like manner. We see the personified island literally consuming itself until its unable to swim anymore.

The Tent

Rebessa Figenschau, 2019, Norway, Drama, 17 mins

A dysfunctional family is struggling to put up a complicated tent. The tension is forcing an underlying conflict to the surface – and finally a shocking secret is revealed.

The Fisherman

Zoey Martinson, 2018, Ghana, Drama, 15 mins

An ageing fisherman goes out to sea one day and returns with a talking fish. Set in Ghana West Africa, this quirky comedy explores our need to stay relevant against the backdrop of a developing nation.


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