Same Room Same Time

Thu 29 Sep 2022



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Same Room Same Time


GRANE present ‘Same Room Same Time’

GRANE is a collaboration between Jane Mason and Grace Surman (verb grane: an obsolete form of groan)

In 1984, the artists Linda Montano and Tehching Hseih lived together for a year on the ends of a length of rope. This was real, it really happened; they kept to their promise, their contract. Investing in a friendship, an art friendship, a life friendship; what can a conceptual pursuit hold in these impossible times? This performance work is from a new collaboration between Jane Mason and Grace Surman who have made work for 25 years in contemporary performance, but have only just met. They will be in the same room at the same time; Jane starts with the dance, Grace with the object.

Standing in a corner with red sweets covering her back, eating them for a whole night. Stepping into a hole in a table and wearing like a skirt. Strumming hard on an electric guitar. Singing a rock song under a row of chairs about a 5-year old hating school Filming his walk across a ploughed field in the mud. Making a bikini out of rainbow tape and a mountain out of a silver blanket. Blowing air under survival blankets to alter the light. The quiet is lovely, when it comes.

Supported by Exeter Phoenix, Déda, Quarantine and Wainsgate


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