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Run Lola Run (15)

Mon 12 Jan 2015






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Run Lola Run (15)

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cult-critiqueRun Lola Run (15)

Germany, 1999, 80 mins. Dir. Tom Tykwer

Run Lola Run made waves in international cinema with its innovative use of multiple narratives. Set in Germany, the film cycles through alternative versions of the 20 minutes Lola has to find and deliver 100,000 Deutschmarks to her boyfriend before he holds up a supermarket. Blending live action with still frames, multiple temporalities and animation, the film offers a dynamic exploration of Lola and her involvement in her boyfriend’s crime. Explore the film’s technical and stylistic themes, and its impact on the wider filmmaking community.

post-screening-talkShare your thoughts after the screening in a post-show discussion about the film. Don’t worry if you’re not a film buff, it’s open to everyone. If you don’t want to speak up, there will be a chance to submit written questions anonymously.

Joining the discussion will be freelance film writers Chris Hallam and Jordan Brown and film lecturer Sally Hughes. Together we’ll get under the skin of this cult classic, debating themes of realism, multiplicity, fragmented timeframes, narrative and character development and the impact on the spectator.







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