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Response and Responsibility: Conversations on Self-Harm

Bloom 2020

Fri 15 May 2020






Response and Responsibility: Conversations on Self-Harm

Response and Responsibility: Conversations on Self-Harm

Part Of Bloom 2020 

Welcome to Bloom 2020 – an online, virtual festival to mark Mental Health Awareness week. Join Exeter Phoenix for a collection of at-home-activity. Everyone’s response to lockdown will be personal and unique, so we hope we have collected a range of ways for you to connect with the community, however you might be feeling. 

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Many young people experience self-harm at some point in their lives. But the topic is still so rarely talked about openly, that it can be difficult to know how to speak about it, or how to respond to a young person who reaches out for help.

We welcome your thoughts and experiences to an interactive Zoom conversation about how we can best support the young people in our lives. Whether you work with young people professionally or are looking for ways to support friends and family, the way you respond to those experiencing self-harm can potentially change their lives.

We will be hearing a range of perspectives from lived experience of self-harm, to support services, and researchers from the University of Exeter. This will be a springboard for a range of discussions on questions: What do current responses to self-harm look like? What are the boundaries and difficulties when talking about self-harm? What are the most important factors in our responses to self-harm?

We will reflect on what we can all do to raise awareness, understanding and empathy to ensure that young people are able to get the support that they need.

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This event focuses on self-harm and may touch on a range of different mental health issues. Please feel free to turn off your camera or leave the Zoom call at any point. This is a one-off event, not intended as a form of ongoing therapy and support. For more information on sources of support, see the signposting information sent out with the link to join the Zoom meeting. You will need a computer to participate in this event

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