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Remainder (15)

'+ Introduction

Tue 13 Sep 2016






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Remainder (15)

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Remainder (15)

+ introduction

UK, Germany, 2015, 97 mins, dir. Omer Fast

The debut narrative feature from Israeli video artist Omer Fast, Remainder is a stylish thriller adapted from English novelist Tom McCarthy’s cult bestseller.

It’s set in London, where an accident causes an unnamed young man (Tom Sturridge), to lose his memory and sense of self.

In recovery after this traumatic incident, he’s visited by sensations of extreme déjà vu and after he’s given a large financial settlement, starts trying to reconstruct his past via these few precious fragments of memory. But neither he nor his friends can predict how far he will go in realising his quest.

Cleverly crafted to mirror its protagonist’s mental state, Fast’s often surreal, darkly humorous thriller offers a narrative that is obscure, complex and almost certainly not what it seems.

‘A visually stunning piece of British film’


Venue: Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix

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