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Panel Groups

Come As You Are

Sun 12 Nov 2023






Panel Groups

Hosted by Feminist Society | Neurodivergent & Disabled Student Society | LGBTQ+ Society

A number of Exeter University Societies will be leading discussion a series of group discussions open to any and all members of the community. We’ll be talking about a diverse range of subjects related to the trans experience with a focus on: being disabled and queer, trans-inclusive feminism and the wider concept of gender.

Come As You Are is free to attend. Events are first come, first served – but you must book a free ticket to the festival here >> 

Please note that some events will have a limited capacity.

Come As You Are

Now in its third iteration at Exeter Phoenix, Come As You Are is a vibrant one-day festival which explores issues around gender identity and celebrates the local trans, non-binary and genderqueer community

The day is free, and includes a packed programme spread across the whole venue with performances, discussions, poetry, art, workshops, comedy, stalls and much more on offer to all visitors.

For more details, please visit our Come As You Are Festival page >>> 


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