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Nick Davies

Thu 01 Jan 1970 - Mon 12 Jun 5200




Nick Davies


Nick Davies (in collaboration with Lee Anthony and Tobias Quinn)

Unto This Txt (2012)

Window Graphic, dummy mobile phones, collage, pages from d PlsUR of d Txt
Unto This Txt is part business proposal, part social commentary. It consists of a new ringtone company, the sort found in many teen magazines, but this one celebrates and promotes famous philosophers and thinkers, not something normally associated with youth culture.

Nick Davies is an interdisciplinary artist, printer, and curator based in Devon. His work spans a wide range of media and is often socially engaged and collaborative. His work uses a critical yet humorous eye to approach topics surrounding the way we view creativity, intelligence, value, and ‘the public’. The work attempts to explore concepts that arise from research either about a place or a subject. The results often balance on the boundary between art, performance, design, economics, and ecology. Nick also runs Duplicate Editions, an artist edition series for artists from Wales and the South West, and also curates Loophole Supplements, an artist’s editioning platform for small publications for artists working with ideas around place.

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