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Nicholas Dietrich

Wed 12 Apr 3600 - Thu 01 Jan 1970


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Nicholas Dietrich


Nicholas Dietrich


Nicholas Dietrich’s work uses the ambiguity of abstraction within the genre of still life. There are no objects before the painter, just pictures on a screen. Distant images of unfamiliar structures enter the authority of abstract space where different rules apply; they are simplified, flattened, suspended in mid air and given new colour as they interact with each other.

The forms refer to the influence of science upon our thinking in the last century, pushing out ideas of spirituality and theosophy.

Free-hand painting next to mechanically masked areas creates a certain tension. This tension can be applied to the wider world, outside that of the painting, where free-reign and tight control can have implications on many levels.

Nicholas Dietrich. Born 1981 in Merseyside, UK. Lives and works in Bristol, UK.




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