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Nice People

Scandifilm (BSL Accessible)

Tue 07 Feb 2017






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Nice People

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Scandifilm Season

Nice People (Filip & Fredrik Presenteraar Trevligt Folk)

+ Post-Screening Panel Discussion

Director: Anders Helgeson, Karin af Klintberg


Sweden, 100 mins, 2016, subtitled

Nice people live in the Swedish town of Borlänge, if you believe the town’s motto. But not all the locals appreciate the presence of a large group of Somali immigrants. In what’s been dubbed ‘the real life Cool Runnings’, this heart-warming and entertaining film follows one man’s attempt to bring together a community, by setting up the first national Somali bandy team. A cross between ice-hockey and soccer, learning bandy doesn’t come easy to Somalians who have never skated in their lives, but the ever-enthusiastic Patrik Andersson is confident that his team will become the first to represent Somalia in the Bandy World Championships in Siberia.  

The results include cartoon-like scenes with Somalis, far from home, trying to skate for the first time, and drily comic discussions with locals who express their doubts: ‘aren’t Somalis traditionally rather lazy?’ Will the young men be received as heroes?

‘Occasionally hilarious and frequently heart-warming’

Panel Discussion (BSL Interpreted)

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion which will be interpreted by a BSL communicator. The panel will feature: 

  • Michael Dumper is a Professor in Middle East Politics, University of Exeter and has just completed a study on the future of UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) for DFID

  • Pauline Hastings is an educational psychologist and member of Singing4Refugees

  • Gerald Coyningham is an active memeber of the Crediton refugee group

  • Yaara Lahav Gregory is an active member of the Ashburton refugee group

  • Dr Souad Fadel will be representing Exeter Mosque.



Venue: Studio 74, Exeter Phoenix

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