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Neoreplicants – Digital Art Commission 2012

Neoreplicants brings together the results of a partnership between Exeter Phoenix’s annual Digital Art Commission and the University of Exeter’s Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM). This opportunity gave thirty South West based visual artists the chance to explore the possibilities offered by the emerging technologies of 3D printing to their art making practice.

The results of this opportunity reflect a breadth of interest and enquiry; from those seated in formal, manufacturing process to a more conceptual engagement with this emerging technology. For some this offered a completely new approach to their practice, for others an extension of their existing interest in digital formats.

Many of the works on show exist in the form of experimental sketches, the first step perhaps in understanding the possibilities and potential for further development, while some emerge as finished artworks in their own right.

Participating artists

Catherine Cartwright | Mat Chivers | Sam Cook | Katy Connor | Maia Conran | Paul Channing | Susie David | Nick Davies | Robin Duttson | Diane Gorvin | Jacqui Harrison | Julie Hewson | Gabrielle Hoad | Nicola Jaberi | Jo Lathwood | Debbie Locke | Stephen Monger | Philip O’Reilly | Wei Ong | Sarah Parks | Josh Randall | Angela Read | Simon Ryder | Caroline Saunders | Helen Snell | Zoe Tissandier | Kasia Turajczyk | Jessica Turrell | Michael Werbicki | Nicci Wonnacot

Associated Events

Tuesday Collective
Tue 20 Nov, 7.30pm, free
A discussion about how the development of 3D printing and other new technologies can interface with art making and how each feeds into the other.


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