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Mei Fong Tam: Hair Trap

Mon 24 Jul 3600 - Thu 01 Jan 1970




Mei Fong Tam: Hair Trap


Having submitted her video work, ‘Feng Shui’ at last year’s Exeter Contemoporary Open exhibition , for which she was awarded the Graduate Prize by the selection panel (and which proved to be one of the most popular & commented upon works in the show), Mei Fong Tam has gone on to make a specially commisioned installation work, ‘Hair Trap’ for Gallery333.

Playing with the limited volume of Gallery333, Mei Fong Tam challenges the definition of ‘space’ and ‘volume’ with illusion and reflection of mirrors, through which representational objects, the tied bundle of hairs of the artist, intrude the space and extend to infinity to reach the nerves of the viewers.

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